2018 Audition Results


Congratulations to the following individuals for making the 2018/2019 Terps Cheerleading squad.  Team placements will be announced after Fall auditions! All cheerleaders who made it must email yviera@umd.edu and confirm acceptance and/or commitment to the school by May 5, 2018. Individuals who did not make the team can feel free to email for feedback.  Fall audition information will be available in July!

2018/2019 Roster


Amaya J.
Caitlin B.
Chandler P.
Courtney B.
Emily H.
Essence S.
Jasmine A.
Morgan S.
Lindsay J.
Jourdan B.
Lara J. 
Lyric G. 
McKenzie F.
Shailee B.
Sierra B.
Stephanie S. 
Tara T.
Caroline M.
Alexa W. 
Alyssa M.

Eve M.
Grace M. 
Kiara C. 
Maddy N.
Maya K.
Taylor W.
Ariana B.
Abbey H.
Angela M.
Destiny C.
Emily M.
Katie H.
Lauren T. 
Monica B.
Taylor C.
Victoria K. 
Jenny P.
Emmalee K.